Boat trip Damme-Bruges-Damme

You will certainly enjoy the most wonderful and unique landscape at both sides of the canal that connects Bruges to Sluis (Holland). A trip to the picturesque Damme is really worthwhile making... 

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Boat to Damme

We kindly invite you to discover all about the Flemish tales of Tyl and Nele and to pay a visit to the Museum of Ulenspiegel, next to the magnificent townhall of Damme. Enjoy wandering around in Damme and sniff around in the many little bookshops. Damme offers you plenty of nature walks as well and the people of Damme will kindly invite you for a drink in a intimate pub or for an exquisite dinner in a delightful restaurant. On your way back to Bruges, from the decktop of the Lamme Goedzak, you will fall in love with the charm of the lovely Polders, while sipping your glass of local beverages, served by the bartender.

Noorweegse Kaai 33, 8310 Brugge, België
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